Infrared Thermography is a vital technology for manufacturing plants and factories today. With the proliferation of electricity sensitive machinery / equipment and complex circuitry, maintenance of such plants is of vital importance. Such machines / equipment are hard to obtain, expensive and may not be replaced easily. The expensive cost of obtaining brand new machinery / equipment to replace damaged ones means that it would be more beneficial to monitor and maintain such machine/ equipment.

Our skilled and certified engineers have a thorough understanding of Calibration, Measurement Uncertainty and Statistical Analysis.

Thermography survey may be used in all energy intensive industries & processes as mentioned below:

  • Electric & electronic industries
  • All types of food processing & solvent extraction industries
  • All types of it / ites & software companies, data centers
  • Chemical & dye industries
  • Pharmaceutical & bulk drug industries
  • Petrochemical & related industries
  • Textile & textile equipment manufacturers / industries
  • Paper & pulp processing industries
  • Power generation companies of all types (wind mills & solar energy farms)
  • Aerospace & related industries
  • Steel, iron, aluminium manufacturing etcetra
  • New & old building envelopes, especially using hvac
  • Hospitals & hospitality industry
  • Supermarkets & shopping malls
thermography energy audit
infrared thermography energy