Associated with Rathasya Power Consultants, a well-established organization in the field of Testing and Commissioning since 1996, Instacal brings along a vast spectrum of calibration services with the expertise of well-trained and skilled professionals. By focusing on your needs and requirements, InstaCal strives to be your partner in success. We are Class-I Electrical Contractors and Commissioning Engineers approved by CEIG. Of Karnataka. We look forward to providing you with the finest Testing and Commissioning Services.

We have extensive experience in the testing of electrical systems and equipment in electrical utility facilities, including all types of generating stations(e.g. Hydro, Solar, Gas, Thermal etc.), substations (e.g. receiving, distribution, etc.), as well as converter stations.

As an ISO 9001-2008 Certified Company, we are engaged in rendering a supreme quality range of Testing and Calibration Services to our clients. With our rich expertise and experience, we are also recognized as one of the prominent traders and suppliers of a supreme quality range of Lab andTesting Equipment.

We provide consultation for development of electrical system maintenance programs that help prevent unplanned outages and maximize service life. Comprehensive maintenance records are included to help identify recurring problems. We have the manpower and equipment to provide maintenance services to large facilities as well as specific industries worldwide.

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Thermal Power Plant
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Hydro Power Plant
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Nuclear Power Plant
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Wind Power station
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Gas Power Plant
Steel Plant
Steel Plant

Testing Equipment

  • Programmable Automatic 3 Phase Numerical Relay Test Kit
  • Single Phase Automatic / Manual Relay Test Kit
  • Automatic HV capacitance & TANDELTA Kit to Test Power Transformer, Generator, CT & PT
  • Contact Resistance Measurement (Micro ohm meter) with 100 ADC Source
  • Transformer Winding Resistance Meter with 10ADC Source
  • Transformer Turn Ratio Meter / Oil Test Kit
  • Transformer Oil Filtration machine and BDV Test kit
  • Primary Current Injection Test Kit up to 2000A for CT Ratio Test
  • 3 Pole / 1 Pole time interval Meters for Circuit Breaker Timing Test
  • Battery / Operated Digital Insulation Resistance Tester upto 10 KV
  • 3 Phase Energy Meter Test Kit for Energy Meter Testing
  • On Line Energy Meter Calibrator
  • On Line Power analyzer to Check LV / MV System Load Details
  • 60 KVAC / 70 KVDC Hi Voltage Test Kit for Testing of HV Panels / Cables upto 33KV System
  • Digital Multi meters & AC/DC Clamp on Ammeters
  • Static Phase Shifter
  • SFRA -Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer to test the Power Transformer
  • Phase Sequence Indicator
    • High Voltage test kit 70KV
    • Filteration Unit (3KLPH)
testing and commissioning
Multi-meter Calibration
testing and commissioning of electrical equipments

Nature of job

  • Capacitance & Tan Delta Test
  • On-line Calibration of all types of Indicating & recording meters
  • Thermography & Energy Audit
  • Fault Calculation & Relay Co-Ordination
  • Testing Calibration & Repairs Of Protective Relays Using 3 Phase Numerical Relay Test Kit
  • Liasoning Work with CEIG For Approvals & periodical Inspection
  • Annual Maintenance Contract For Calibration & Servicing Of Instruments, Protective Relays & Meters
  • Pre-Commissioning Tests & Commissioning of HT & LT Installations Power generating stations, Captive power plants, EHV sub stations upto 400KV, DG sets Testing, Generators, HT Motors, Bushings,HT- Cables, Capacitance and Tan Delta Tests, Generator, Motor, Circuit Breakers, Voltage/ Potential Transformers, Current Transformer, Capacitive Voltage Transformer
  • High Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration, OLTC Servicing & Oil Leakage Arrest
  • Spray Painting of Transformers, Panels, structures & Fencing

Electrical Test on

  • Lighting Arrestor (Online/ Offline), Shunt Capacitor, Thermography, Earth Resistance & Soil Resistivity, All protection relays testing and fault calculation, & Inspection of Transformer Oil and Filteration.            
  • Winding Resistance       Motor Analysis
  • Cables, Capacitors, Bus Ducts, Reactors etc.
  • LV / HV / EHV Circuit Breakers of all types & makes.
  • A.C.B Testing & Services of V.C.B & O.C.B
  • Transformer Oil filtration, BDV test, OLTC servicing & Oil leakage arrest
  • Online & OFFLINE calibration of energy / panel  meters
  • Maintenance work for the periodical inspection as per the reports of Govt. Electrical Inspectorate authority  (CR Submission)
  • AMC for Testing and calibration of  Instruments , protective relays and Meters

Preventive Maintenance Testing

  • LV/HV/EHV Circuit Breakers of all types & makes.
  • Indicating/Recording Meters of all types & makes.
  • Instrument Transformers - CT/PT/CVT.
  • Protective Relays of all types & makes.
  • Power/Distribution Transformers.
  • Battery & Battery Charger.
  • Earthing System.
  • Capacitor Banks.

QC Testing C&R Panels

  • Inspection of Panels for validating the GA & GTP.
  • Checking of Wiring as per Wiring Schedule.
  • Checking of Scheme with AC/DC Power Supply.
  • Checking of CT/VT circuits by Secondary Injection Testing.
  • Secondary Injection Testing of Relays and Meters.
  • HV Testing.
  • Demonstration of above tests to Clients

Operation and Maintenance

  • Power Plants - Nuclear, Thermal, Hydel, Bio-mass, Wind Mill, etc.
  • Process Industries - Oil & Gas, Steel, Cement, Paper, Sugar, Fertilizers & Chemicals,Pharmaceuticals, Automobile etc.
  • LV/HV/EHV Sub station equipments on 24x7 basis.

Refurbishment and Modernization

  • Power/Distribution Transformers.
  • HV/MV/LV Switchgear Panels.
  • Control & Relay Panels.

Rental of Special Test Kits

  • Three phase automatic relay test kit.
  • Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer Test kit.
  • Automatic HV Capacitance & Tan delta test kit.
  • High Voltage test kit up to 33 KV System voltage.
  • Transformer oil Filtration machine & BDV test kit.
  • ON line Energy Meter Calibrator.

Transformer Oil Filtration Services

  • High Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration
  • (100 KVA to 31.5 MVA)
    • Transformer Overhauling
    • Oil Leakage arresting Transformer

Scope of work

  • Current Transformer
  • Physical Inspection
  • Insulation Resistance Test
  • MagnetiZing Current Test for class PS
  • Polarity Test
  • Ratio Test

Potential transformer

  • Physical Inspection
  • Insulation Resistance Test
  • Polarity Test
  • Ratio Test

Molded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCB)

  • Supply and fixing of MCCB
  • Servicing of MCCB
  • Retrofitting of MCCB
  • Testing of MCCB
  • Trouble Shooting

Circuit Breakers

  • Supply and fixing of CB & CB Spares
  • Preventive maintenance of CB
  • Overhauling and Servicing of CB
  • Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) of CB
  • Testing of CB
  • Insulation Resistance test
  • Closing & Tripping Time
  • Tripping & Closing And Tripping Thought protective relays
  • Retrofitting of CB
  • Trouble Shooting

Digital Protective relays

  • Supply and fixing of Digital Protective relays
  • Retrofitting of Digital Protective relays
  • Testing of Relays
  • Trouble Shooting

Electronic Metering Devices

  • Supply and fixing of Electronic Metering Devices
  • Retrofitting of Electronic Metering Devices
  • Testing of Metering Devices
  • Trouble Shooting

Power Transformer

  • Physical Inspection
  • Insulation Resistance Test
  • Magnetizing current Test
  • Ratio Test
  • Magnetic Balance Test
  • Vector group Test
  • Short circuit Test


  • Physical Inspection
  • Insulation Resistance Test
  • High Voltage Test

Other Work

  • Non-directional Over Current & Earth Fault Relays for pick up operating with high set element
  • Over Under Voltage Relay for pick up drop out voltage at desired setting
  • Over Under Frequency Relays at desired setting
  • Directional Over Current & Earth Fault Relays with high set element
  • Testing of Differential Relays of Transformer, Generator with primary injection
  • Testing of restricted, Earth Fault Relay with primary inject
  • Testing of Syncroscope, Synchronizing Relay
  • Testing of special Relays {Like Synchronizing Relay, Generator Protection Relay and Motor Protection Relay}